Friday, May 21, 2010

SD Card Speed Tester for Android

Last week I bought a Google Nexus One and I gave my iPhone to my girlfriend. I can tell I don't miss my iPhone. Android is great. It's really everything people says. Fast, beautifull, smart, and OPEN.

Build applications for it is so much easy that even knowing nothing about Android development I built this little application called SD Speed Test.

Nexus One come with a 4GB MicroSD card so I decided to buy another one with bigger capacity. The problem is there are so much China made on the market and even stores don't know for sure if they are selling a fake or not. So I decided to build my SD Card Speed test application to test the true speed of the MicroSD card.

Here you can see some screenshots . I cared enough to make it compatible with older versions of android such as 1.5.

To install it search for "SD Card Speed Tester" or Just "SD Card" at Android's Marketplace on your android's phone.

Hope it can be useful to someone else.