Monday, November 22, 2010

Sd Card Speed Tester for Android made in Flex Hero

A few weeks ago I used Adobe Flex Hero to create a new version of the Android App SD Card Speed Tester.

It does the same as the older one plus a test of the written data and the option to choose where the test file will be written. Now if you have your Card mounted on a path different than the /sdcard you can just change it.

The new App is useful for testing the speed and also the capacity of the card as the user can now set the size of the test file and the application will write the data and read it back testing it's content. If the card is fake, it will write the data, the card will return OK but after when it reads the data written the card will not return the right data and an error will be displayed.

As the app is made in Air for Android using Adobe Flex Hero, it will need Adobe Air on the phone.

This is the link for the app on Android Market: SD Card Tester