Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laszlo like focus indicator

A new component was included in my "Commons Library". It is a component that acts like Laszlo's focus indicator.

Just put it inside the Application component and every time you change focus pressing TAB (or other specified) an animation will show you the focus transition between the previus focused component and the new focused component.

Just like this:


You can see an example here or on the same "Commons Library" example here


Anonymous said...

Hi Gilmar

How are you? Hope that you are well and things are okay down in sunny Brazil.

Okay, I managed to find the effect implementation of the diagrammer, I will setup it up when I have time.

But getting onto this laslo focus indicator, I have such a great idea for this component when using any form of validation of data or something that pertains to validation. Just a wuick question, can this work with a mouse click instead of "Tab KeyBoard" press? I think that it can work with mouse click, I haven't yet downloaded the comp but I think that I can make it work with mouse click and also in a form validation. I will let you know by the end of the weekend, but this focus tool will work wonders with validations

Nice work Gilmar


Gilmar said...

Sure it can. I designed focusIndicator to work just with Tab key because the purpose of this component is to help user to find the focused component. Doing this with mouse clicks would create to much animation on the system and the user know where is the focus when it click on a component ;)

You can use focusLost, mouseClicks, or any other istead of tab listener on the source file. Just check it.