Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why HP's Slate device is better than iPad

I love apple but I have to admit, Hp's device look way better than iPad.
iPad is just a bigger iPhone.

See for yourself.

Steve Jobs don want any other way of building iPhone and iPad applications than the iPhone SDK and don't wanna let Adobe to put the Flash Player on the iPhone. Ye ye, I have an iPhone and I say that a browser with no flash capabilities is a piece of shit. My next phone will certainly be an Android enabled phone. And if I need, I will go with Hp's Slate or JooJoo.

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Zam said...

A decent app which needs its GUI tweaking a bit. Tested a Samsung Micro SDHC card 32gb which was acting strangely on H2test on windows 7.Thought it could be my outdated card reader so tested it on Samsung S4 wth your app. The results were consistent with H2test and proved the card was indeed fake. Very useful and saved me from losing a lot of data. Thanks.